Religion Curriculum

Word, Worship, Works is the religion curriculum of the Diocese of Gaylord.  It is intended for use in the Catholic Schools of the diocese and is meant to be adapted for usage in parish faith formation programs and youth ministry.  The essence, spirit and rationale for its application is found in the beginning section entitled, "The Journey To Faith."

This curriculum was created and organized to be in accord with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, with principles of catechesis developed by the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership and with ACRE assessments from the National Catholic Education Association. 

The Religion Curriculum of the Diocese of Gaylord may not be reproduced in any way by any person or agency outside of parishes or schools of the Diocese of Gaylord for whom this document is intended without the expressed written permission of the Bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord.

Word, Worship, Works

Cover, Mission, Direction and Instruction, Table of Contents

Journey of Faith

Addendum of Selected Scripture

Glossary of Terms

Compendium of ACRE Benchmarks