Return To School COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Memorandum from Frank Sander, Superintendent of Catholic Schools

DATE: July 31, 2020

TO: School Leadership

FROM: Frank Sander, Superintendent of Catholic Schools

RE: Diocese of Gaylord Catholic Schools, Return to School COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Attached you will find the Diocese of Gaylord Catholic Schools Covid-19 Preparedness Plan to assist school leadership in making decisions when opening schools. This document came about with the assistance of many of you who have been participating throughout the summer on our Zoom Back-to-School sessions and virtual Administrator meetings. It was constructed largely based on input from the Michigan Safe Schools Return to School Roadmap released by the Michigan Department of Education and guidelines from the CDC. We also thank the MANS organization and the Archdiocese of Detroit for their special contributions to the plan.

This document is to be used primarily for internal purposes, so that pastors and school leadership have guidance when making decisions on how to re-open schools. You may certainly use this document to help design your own policies for sharing with parents. However, it is not intended to assume the responsibility of schools to develop their own plans for distribution to their parents, staff and other stakeholders. This plan will be posted on the diocesan website.

If you have any questions certainly feel free to contact me.

My prayers are with you as you prepare for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.



Frank Sander, Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Office: 989.732.5147 / Cell: 989.350.9959 /

Return to School COVID-19 Preparedness Plan