Administrative Services

Administrative Services

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The office of Administrative Service is responsible for all the temporalities for the Diocese of Gaylord which include accounting and financial development.

Administrative Services is involved in the annual diocesan operating budget, Deposit and Loan Fund, development of financial resources, investments, cemeteries, diocesan personnel policy administration, insurance, legal matters, diocesan buildings, parish and diocesan real property administration and asbestos inspection.

Accounting and Budgeting

The Secretariat for Administrative Services manages the general accounting and budgeting functions for the diocese. Responsibilities include internal and external reporting, tax and government regulatory compliance, cash management and investments.

Catholic Cemeteries

In the Diocese of Gaylord, there are many Catholic cemeteries dating from the first Catholic presence in the northern Lower Peninsula of the State of Michigan. Whether diocesan or parochial, cemeteries are service organizations. They seek to help people face the painful realities of death within the context of the promise of eternal life.
Contact: Kim Smith

Deposit and Loan Fund

The Deposit and Loan Fund was established so that the capital and operational needs of the parishes and institutions of the diocese itself, as well as those of the diocese, may be funded from those pooled common resources which exceed one month's operational needs.
Contact: Kim Smith or Lisa Ford

Diocesan Building Commission

Aid and assistance is available to all parishes in implementing the various projects which they may undertake in the construction of and renovation of parish buildings, the construction of parking lots and major renovation or construction of churches. The Commission will make recommendations to the diocesan bishop with regards to these projects. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month. If requested, the commission will hold its monthly meeting at the parish site.
Contact: Kim Smith

Diocesan Facility Management

Assistance is available to all the parishes of the diocese regarding upkeep and maintenance of their buildings. All required inspections for fire and environmental hazards are conducted on a regular basis.
Contact: Kim Smith

Financial Reports

To view the most current financial reports for the Diocese of Gaylord, click here
Contact: Kim Smith

Parish Bookkeeping Support

Assistance is available to all parishes of the diocese regarding bookkeeping functions. Financial visits to all parishes are performed every three years.
Contact: Kim Smith or Meg Foote

Property & Real Estate

Any transaction involving the purchase or sale of parish real estate must be first presented to this office. 
Contact: Kim Smith or Lisa Ford

Director of Administrative Services
Part-time Bookkeeper