Video Resources

Title: At a Loss For Words
Description: How to help those you care for in a miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death experience.
Adult, 30 min.
Publisher: Paraclete Video Production
Library I.D.#: V-960  

Title: Fall of Freddie the Leaf, The
Description: Why do we have to die? Where do we go when we die? This beautiful allegory told by Leo Buscaglia addresses these questions in a way that will help children and adults appreciate the changes of nature and accept the season of death. Freddie, a young leaf and his companions enjoy dancing in the spring breezes and being cooled by summer rains. Freddie is frightened when the first frost arrives. His wise friend Daniel helps prepare Freddie for change and the mystery of death.
Intermediate-Adult, 17 min.
Publisher: EcuFilm
Library I.D.#: V-622  

Title: Final Blessing
Description: Examination of the spiritual dimensions in the lives of the terminally ill. Viewers left inspired, uplifted. A program about uncovering a place within the soul to begin to understand suffering on a different level and to look forward to what lies beyond. Adult, 52 min.
Publisher: USCC/1997
Library I.D.#: V-956  

Title: Footprints on our Hearts
Description: How to cope after a miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death.
Adult, 60 min.
Publisher: Paraclete Video Production
Library I.D.#: V-961  

Title: Goodnight, Mrs. Foster
Description: In this enacted story, children will see death presented as a painful reality but one in which we come to experience and treasure people in a new way. For children in grades 4-7.
Primary - Intermediate, 12 min.
Publisher: Paulist Press/ 1994
Library I.D.#: V - 672  

Title: Growing Through Grief Series
Description: Dr. Howard Clinebell, recognized internationally for his work in pastoral and growth counseling, shows how healing can be experienced. This video training resource is designed to help hurt and grieving people find personal healing. Features scenes from the sessions of an actual grief group under Dr. Clinebell's direction.
Adult, 30 min. each
Publisher: EcuFilm
Library I.D.#: V-624a Five Tasks of Grief Work
V-624b: Healing Guilt
V-624c Fear and Anger
V-624e Infections of the Grief Wound
V-624f Saying "Goodbye" to our Losses  

Title: Healing Your Grief Wound
Description: These two videos are a shorter version of Dr. Clinebell's Growing Through Grief series.
Adult, 30 min.
Publisher: EcuFilm
Library I.D.#: V-623a Healing Your Grief Wound: Early Weeks
V-623b Healing Your Grief Wound: Latter Stages