The general policies and procedures of the Diocese of Gaylord and the office of Catholic Schools are being offered here. These documents are valuable resources for anyone employed by or volunteering for any diocesan parish, school, or institution. 

Standard Operating Procedures

The Standard Operating Procedures Handbook is a valuable resource for anyone employed by or volunteering for any diocesan parish, school or institution. Each section has a Title page followed by a Table of Contents. We recommend reviewing the Table of Contents for the specific subject listing to locate the appropriate page numbers containing the information.  Section 5-Personnel Policies can be found on the Human Resource Page.  


Diocese of Gaylord Employee Manual

This manual is the basis for local Personnel Policies, but if you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Office.  Please include the welcome letter from Bishop Raica as page 2 of your manual (can be found on our internal website).


Catholic School Policy Handbook

The Catholic School Policy Handbook is divided into several sections as follows:

     Section 1000   Administration
     Section 2000   Business
     Section 4000   Students
     Section 5000   Curriculum/Instruction

 We recommend that you review the Table of Contents (in alphabetical order at the beginning of the document) for the specific subject listing to locate the appropriate policy number.