Eucharistic Revival

Day of Reflection for Liturgical Ministers

In continued promotion of the National Eucharist Revival, the Diocese of Gaylord invites those involved in liturgical ministries to attend a Day of Reflection for Liturgical Ministers on Saturday, November 4, 2023. Anyone who volunteers as an altar server, worship space decorator, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, lector, musician, sacristan, usher, greeter, or is a member of their parish worship commission is invited to attend. Registration is free but free-will donations will be accepted at the door.
To learn more and to register, please go to the Day of Reflection for Liturgical Ministers event page.

Parish Point Persons

“Parish Point Persons have an essential role in connecting people in the pews with this national Revival movement! These volunteers work with their pastors to discern how their parish will respond to the National Eucharistic Revival. Then, they will work with other volunteers from their parish to lead activities and initiatives in response to the four invitations of this exciting movement.

“Ask Jesus how you can be an instrument of Revival in your parish. Perhaps he is calling you to take on this important role. Your ministry as a Parish Point Person will create fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to ignite Eucharistic faith in your community!”

Sign up today on the National Eucharistic Revival website! Already registered as a Parish Point Person? Go to the Parish Point Person Portal.

General Information

Stay informed about the upcoming events surrounding the National Eucharistic Revival and get inspired:

Recommended Formation Resources

Engage your parish with enriching content and inspire in the hearts of your parishioners a renewed love for the Real Presence:

Eucharistic Catechesis with Bishop Jeffrey Walsh

This 33-minute video was produced from Bishop Walsh's Holy Hour and a Half series held in each vicariate of the Diocese of Gaylord during Lent 2023. 

Eucharistic Reflection Video Series from the Perspective of Popes

Bishop Walsh shares 6 Pope's Eucharistic reflections in the 10-12 minute videos below or watch this one-hour video that combines all the Popes perspectives in one:

This series was created for Lent 2023.