Office of Communications

To proclaim the teachings of Christ and to share His example with others is the mission and goal of the Secretariat for Communications. This office serves as the official media liaison for the Bishop and Catholics in the Diocese of Gaylord as well as the community at large.

Staff provide assistance and support to the 75 parishes, diocesan secretariats and other Church organizations in spreading the message of our Lord Jesus and His Church through a wide range of communications tools and through the mass media.

We are also aware of our inactive or alienated sisters and brothers, as well as those of other faiths. Our efforts to comfort, teach and lead are not limited to Catholics alone. The print and electronic media, publications and informational services are resources with which we reach out to everyone.

Public Relations

The Secretariat for Communications serves the Bishop, individual parishes, shrines, diocesan departments and the community at large.

News releases are generated and disseminated through established contacts at newspapers, television and radio stations throughout northern Michigan.

When requested and scheduling permits, Communications staff will attend significant events in the life of parishes and provide photographic and editorial services. Communications staff will gladly assist diocesan and parish officials prepare for media interviews.

Diocesan Website

The introduction to the pastoral plan for Church Communications, approved by the bishops of the United States in 1997, states:

The Church can and must use these media [print, video, film, radio, television, cable, as well as new media and new technologies, i.e. Internet] to promote community and parish life, spiritual growth, the proclamation of the Gospel and church participation in the life of our nation.

This Official Website for the Diocese of Gaylord was developed by a committee of four members of the Diocesan Staff working closely with FAITH Catholic in Lansing, Michigan. It is our hope that visitors to our website will find timely and useful information regarding the ministry of the Bishop, diocesan offices, parishes, schools and institutions serving our diocese and working together to Co-build the Kingdom of God.

The site has been designed to respond to an ever changing world and to provide routinely updated information. It also provides each of our 75 parishes with a web presence and the ability to easily update their own information.

The Secretariat for Communications has the primary responsibility for overseeing the regular maintenance of this website. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please contact us at Secretariat for Communications, 611 North Street, Gaylord, Michigan 49735.