Lenten Reflections

Each Monday throughout Lent, Bishop Walsh will share a Lenten reflection—these reflections, each focusing on a different saint, provide an opportunity to reflect and offer devotion during Lent. Each of the six Monday videos will provide reflections from a specific saint (found within the Liturgy of the Hours), petitions and a closing prayer.

The saints offer to us a deep wisdom of the Church that has been passed down through generations, providing a way for us to stay connected to the life of the Church, ourselves and others through prayer.

2024 Lenten Reflections
from the Lives of the Saints

Eucharistic Catechesis with Bishop Jeffrey Walsh

This 33-minute video was produced from Bishop Walsh's Holy Hour and a Half series held in each vicariate of the Diocese of Gaylord during Lent 2023. 

Eucharistic Reflection Video Series
from the Perspective of Popes

Bishop Walsh shares 6 Pope's Eucharistic reflections in the 10-12 minute videos below or watch this one-hour video that combines all the Popes perspectives in one:

This series was created for Lent 2023.