Day of Reflection for Liturgical Ministers

Saturday, November 4 from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

day of reflection for liturgical ministers

***Thank you to everyone who came to the Day of Reflection for Liturgical Ministers. If you are interested in viewing the slides from Bishop Woost's keynote presentation, please follow the link below:

PDF: "Ars Celebrandi: Liturgical Ministers and their Participation in the Royal Priesthood"

As the Diocese of Gaylord and its many parishes continue to promote the National Eucharistic Revival, our attention is turned towards the active participation of all the faithful in the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass. The lay faithful do not merely witness the sacrifice of the Mass but are active participants in it. Even more so, our lay leaders who participate in the many liturgical ministries contribute to the fruitfulness of the Mass by reverently attending to the art of proper celebration of the rite itself, that is the ars celebrandi.

Why this event?

Pope Francis tells us that, as celebrants of the Mass, priests become “instruments for igniting the fire of the Lord’s love on the earth” (Desiderio Desderavi, 59). Simply put, ars celebrandi is to celebrate the Mass with love. Lay liturgical ministers, who participate in their respective roles through their royal priesthood received at baptism, must assiduously tend “to the fire of the love of the Lord that he came to ignite on the earth” (DD, 59). Those who attend the Day of Reflection for Liturgical Ministers will hear talks, participate in Adoration, and experience the beauty of sacred music; all with the aim of fostering that love of the Lord in the Eucharist and providing practical ways that lay ministers can promote that same love through their unique ministry.

Why now?

The dioceses of the United States are in the midst of a National Eucharistic Revival, “a movement to restore understanding and devotion to this great mystery here in the United States by helping us renew our worship of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.” The Mass is the height of our Eucharistic worship. By forming competent and devout liturgical ministers, we hope every parish will celebrate liturgies which truly reflect that sacred reality which is made present at every Mass.


Ars Celebrandi: Liturgical Ministers and their Participation in the Royal Priesthood”

Most Reverend Michael Woost,
Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland


Who is invited?

Anyone who participates in a liturgical ministry at Mass is invited to join us. You will be asked to choose one ministry track when you register. Tracks available include:

  • Ministers of Liturgical Environment
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Parish Worship Commissions
  • Ushers, Greeters, Ministers of Hospitality
  • Altar servers
  • Lectors
  • Musicians
  • Sacristans
Schedule of Events

8:00 AM Breakfast (optional)
9:00 AM Welcome/Keynote
10:00 AM Breakouts
10:55 AM Questions and Answers
11:25 AM Eucharistic Adoration
12:15 PM Lunch (provided)
1:00 PM "Lift Up Your Hearts" - Experience the beauty of sacred music by joining in hymns of praise and by contemplating on the performance of the Diocesan Celebrations Choir.
2:00 PM Departure

Get Involved

The Diocese of Gaylord invites our many talented musicians to perform in the Diocesan Celebrations Choir for our afternoon of praise, "Lift Up Your Hearts." When registering on Eventbrite, sign up for the choir under "Add-ons."

Other opportunities to volunteer your talents will be made available to registered participants in the coming months. Register early for the best chance to get involved!

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Mass Announcement:

In continued promotion of the National Eucharist Revival, the Diocese of Gaylord invites those involved in liturgical ministries to a Day of Reflection on Saturday, November 4, 2023. Registration is free. Please see the bulletin for more details.