Adam's Story

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Principal Adam Dobrowolski relies on the support and resources the diocese provides to help St. Francis Xavier School in Petoskey be an outstanding school of choice for children in preschool through 8th grade.

“As a small Catholic school, some opportunities would be impossible to provide for our students if not for the support of the diocese. Our students and parents benefit from things like our Student Information System
and standardized testing, both of which the diocese underwrites for all Catholic schools.

The Student Information System makes it possible to share communications with the entire school community, keeping everyone up to date when important messages need to be shared quickly.

Standardized testing allows us to meet students where they are and make individual learning adjustments. It also helps us make major curriculum changes for everyone to ensure we are seeing the growth that is expected.

The diocese also supports our teachers and administrators with professional development. Each year, our school faculty attends convocations hosted by the diocese where all schools come together to share best practices and hear from national speakers on the latest curriculum ideas. These are all things that individual schools could not do on their own. These opportunities help us to be great educational institutions.”